Dated: October 22 2019

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You have likely heard that spring / summer is peak selling season, but listing in the fall has it's advantages as well.  Here are 4 top reasons to list your home this fall. 

Close before the tax year ends:  It typically takes one or two months from signing a Purchase agreement to closing, so sellers wishing to sell their home before calendar year ends need to consider listing in October.  This is particularly helpful if you've already Purchased a home and want to finish the year with a level balance sheet.

Buyers are more serious:   Buyers who shop in the fall months are often more serious than spring and summer buyers.  Many spring and summer buyers will buy if they can close before the school year starts, but the impetus for fall buyers is usually more immediate, like a job relocation or a changing family.   This means deals are more likely to close and you're less likely to be hassled by showing the home to unmotivated buyers.

More attention from agents:   The busiest time of year for real estate professionals is summer.  Sellers who list in the summer have to compete for time with their agents, lenders, inspectors, attorneys who are all juggling multiple clients during the peak summer months.  Selling in the fall means your agent and team of representatives can devote their full attention to marketing and selling your home.

Fall decor is cozy:   Boost your home's appeal by making it feel like a cozy home.  Tasteful fall decor like wreaths, pumpkins and festive centerpieces can help buyers picture their families in your home.

If you have any questions about listing your home this fall or any season, contact me or one of my real estate professionals for more information.

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