Home Ownership The Ultimate Investment In Your Future

Dated: June 9 2020

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 I do not take lightly the importance of home ownership. It is one of the biggest purchases in one's lifetime.  In my opinion, once you take the plunge, nothing compares to the feeling of success, pride, and contentment like owning your own home.Image title

Stop and consider, every mortgage payment made is one step closer to building your net worth.  My only regret is not understanding this at a younger age. 

I have two boys in their teens. I hope to instill in them the importance of hard work, saving their money and investing in owning their own home early in life. 

Buying a home can expand the options for your future. You can sell it to make a profit. You can leverage the equity in your home to pay for other major expenses, like college or another investment property, or rent it out and generate passive income.

Realizing what a great investment home ownership is to one’s future is why I entered into my Real Estate career. 

I want to help others take this giant leap, to which I feel will be one of the most life changing decisions.

Allyson M. Sullivan     

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