Is A Pool Right For Your Property

Dated: 02/22/2019

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But Joe, It’s still February… Why are we talking about pools?

The cool refreshing look of water on a hot summer's day can make any homeowner wish they had a pool in their backyard but making the decision about whether a pool is right for your property is more complicated than buying an inflatable bed with a cup holder, and if you want a pool this summer, now is the time to plan for it.Image title

There is a lot of work and money that goes into owning a pool, and here are a few things to consider before calling in the excavating team.

Is Your Yard Big Enough for A Pool?

While there are some small properties that can benefit from a pool, usually if the pool is going to take up more than 30% of the total yard space, installation can have a negative effect on your home's value.  You also want to consider what other things you use your yard space for, or may want to in the future, before going ahead. You’ll need to check with your local municipality to see if you have enough space for a pool and where they will allow you to put it.  Don’t assume that the spot you pick for the pool is the spot the town will approve of.

Are You Prepared for The Work and Cost?

Pools can be fun, but they are also a lot of work and can be costly to maintain.  Besides installation costs, pools require considerable cleaning, a lot of additional products and tools to maintain, and, depending on where you live, you may only get a few months of enjoyment from them each year.  Pools also need to be completely enclosed by a permanent fence.  Either the pool itself has a fence around it or the entire yard requires a fence around it.  If the entire yard is fenced in, all the doors in the home that lead out to the pool need to be alarmed, preventing children from wandering out the door and into the pool unattended.   

Image titleHow Will A Pool Affect Your Home's Value?  Depending on where you live, the size of your property, and the existing value of

your home, a pool can either be an asset to your property's value or a considerable liability.  Large homes in warmer climates tend to increase in value with the addition of a pool, but doing a bit of research about the market i your particular area can help make this decision a little easier, and will give you all the facts.

In general, if you are looking to install a pool because it will likely give you and your family a great amount of enjoyment, considerations such as the size of your yard and the effect it will have on your property value may not be too important.  But like any decision you make about your home, it is always a good idea to know all the facts before making the changes.  Many of the pool owners I have known say “Owning a pool is like owning a boat.”

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