The New Normal "For Now"

Dated: March 31 2020

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Thanks to executive orders from our Governor, Andrew Cuomo, real estate professionals are deemed non-essential workers during the COVID-19 crisis.  We have been ordered to work from home only.  So what are we supposed to do?  We were told we cannot solicit by phone.  So that means no calling expired listings or for sale by owner listings, which are things agents do when they are not out showing homes or meeting with clients.  I can't think of a better way to further damage the real estate season than by this decision.  Realtors in other states are not required to work exclusively from home, so they are able to perform virtual tours, shoot videos in vacant homes, drive around and walk properties.  Ok, so instead of complaining and pouting, my team and I are brainstorming every day during our online meetings to think outside the box, and come up with creative ways to generate new business.  I appreciate all my team members that enthusiastically join in every day.  They are the movers and the shakers.   

We are still doing business and wrapping up existing contracts.  Image titleWe had our first virtual closing this past Friday.  The seller signed all the necessary documents and the deed which was then delivered to the buyer's attorney.  That attorney had the buyers sign everything including their mortgage docs, title insurance, etc.

I'm still waiting for my commission check to arrive in the mail, but I've been told by my seller's attorney that it was mailed and the transaction is officially closed. 

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